Quick Start Guide

Please note that the screenshots below may differ from the current ChrisPE release.

Whilst ChrisPE has been designed to be as simply as possible, it has not been possible to create a "one-button push" method. It should however be very simple to create a WinPE in a matter of minutes. To do so you will need -

Instructions -

  1. Download the ChrisPE .zip package and extract the contents to a local folder - preferably a folder without spaces in the path. In the examples below the project files have been extracted to C:\ChrisPE\ with the Projects directory in the C:\ChrisPE\Projects path.
  1. Run PEBakeryLauncher.exe (C:\ChrisPE\PEBakeryLauncher.exe) to start PEBakery.
  1. Set the path to your source files by either manually entering the path (1) or click on the Folder button (2) to set the path to your Windows Installation Media source files. Please note that if manually entering a path it must end in a backslash (\). E.g. D:\source_files\

  2. A mounted Windows RTM .iso file is recommended as source. Alternatively extract the contents of a Windows .iso to a local directory. Set the path in this option to the root folder that contains the following files/directories -
  1. Now expand the folder tree on the left and view and select individual project script options as required (refer to the Project Scripts section for details about all included project scripts).
  1. I recommend selecting the MediaCreation\Create ISO project script - this can then be used to create a bootable CD/DVD or USB.
  1. To start the build process, click on the Build button in the top row of buttons -
  1. A progress bar will be displayed for individual project scripts as they are processed -

That's it. Provided the MediaCreation\Create ISO script was selected you should now have a bootable ISO image file (\ChrisPE.Project.Output\WinPE.iso - the path is relative to PEBakeryLauncher.exe) that can be burnt to CD/DVD. Alternatively see here for an easy method to create a bootable USB device.

Document date - 21st March 2018