Project Scripts

The ChrisPE project scripts can currently be divided into seven distinct sections -

A number of configurable options are contained in the main project file. The screenshots below display these options (clicking on the HELP button from within the project displays information about what the individual options do) -

Core Scripts

Please note that only two of the scripts in this section are actually visible to the end user in the PEBakery User Interface - the remainder are hidden from view in an effort to declutter the interface.

Shell Scripts

Settings Scripts

Applications Scripts

The following lists all of the program/application scripts that are included in the ChrisPE project download.



Only one script is included in this section -


The script in this section can either be selected during the build process, or can be executed independently afterwards - as long as the build completed successfully. Files in the %BaseDir%\ChrisPE.Files\ISO.ROOT\ directory (where %BaseDir% refers to the directory from which PEBakeryLauncher.exe is running) are added to the .iso file.

To execute the Create ISO script following a build, simply select the script in the directory tree and click on the Run Script button to the right of the title bar -


The scripts in this section cannot be executed during the build process and is designed for post processing.

Document date - 21st March 2018