PEBakery Build Engine

The ChrisPE project has been designed for use with PEBakery, which is included in the project download.

PEBakery is in development as a WinBuilder replacement and can be used as an alternative to WinBuilder for some projects. PEBakery has been developed by Hajin Jang (aka ied206 and joveler) and is in active development. At the time of writing the PEBakery test build release is version 0.9.3 beta3 (Build 20180225)

PEBakery is a very promising open source project with a similar User Interface to WinBuilder. In the PEBakery developers own words (from here) -

"...What is PEBakery?
PEBakery is a builder specialized in customizing Windows PE.
It is intended to be used with Win10PESE, MistyPE project.

Why PEBakery was written?
PEBakery is compatible with WinBuilder 082.
Projects like Win10PESE are dependent on WinBuilder 082, but WB082's development went discontinued.
PEBakery works as a drop-in replacement of WB082, while providing much improved envrionment..."

PEBakery is open source software, licensed under GPLv3. Please note that some elements of PEBakery are covered under different licenses - please refer to the PEBakery license file. Some links -

Screenshot of the MistyPE project running in PEBakery -

NOTE - .Net Framework 4.7.1 and Windows 7 or newer is required to run PEBakery.

Document date - 21st March 2018